Meet the team

Let’s get to know the people who make USC great.

  • Name | Nick Dye
  • Your role at USC | Founder and Owner
  • What soccer team do you support? | Norwich City FC
  • Coaching Licenses: UEFA A (Candidate), UEFA B, USSF B, FA Level 1 & 2
  • Favourite football memory? | As a player it was winning the South Norfolk Cup as a player manager (aged 22). As a Coach it has been mentoring players to become better people. As a fan it has been watching Norwich City vs Nottingham Forest at Carrow Road with my eldest son in 2018.

  • Name | Jason Brown
  • Your role at USC | Development officer
  • What soccer team do you support? | Arsenal Football Club
  • Coaching Licenses: UEFA A, UEFA B
  • Favourite football memory? | Making my debut as a professional footballer
  • Name | Wes Otsuki
  • Your role at USC | Manager
  • What soccer team do you support? | Juventus
  • Coaching Licenses: USSF B (Candidate), USSF C,
  • Favorite football memory? | The countless number of training sessions, traveling to games, games played. Being able to play at the club, academy, high school, college, NPSL, UPSL, PDL level and in the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup numerous times.

Staff Bio’s to be added Shortly

Gabe Sanchez, USSF C

Brenda Flores, USSF GR

Eric Angell, USSF C

Ryan Angell, USSF B

Jesus Pacheco, USSF GR

Erik Bjornesen, USSF GR

Rosa Churape, USSF GR

Lucas Mirani, USSF D

Our Staff are continuously trained on new methods and philosophies both in house and within other courses including

  • USSF
  • UEFA
  • FIFA

Our approach to coaching is based on our research into the top clubs in the world and their development tactics.

Other Advanced courses & learning included trips to Fiorentina, Italy and Coever Coaching.

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