Elite Soccer Development

The USC curriculum uses the same coaching methods as top academy and professional teams. Our specialized training sessions focus on both technical and tactical development with progression from various stages of small-sided games to large sided games that encourage creativity, match awareness, and decision making skills.

Running & Speed Clinic

Led by Coach Michael, our very own Olympian from Great Britain. Not only has he competed at the Tokyo Olympics, but he placed 3rd at the UK British National trials in the 400m and was a 1ox All American while at St. Ambrose University. Along with being an elite track athlete, he was a top soccer player at St. Ambrose University and for club teams in London, England. He really saw his athletic abilities, speed and skills elevate during his time training and participating in speed workouts.

“Training for track helped me further develop my speed and explosiveness. The workouts helped me understand my body and mechanics, but also gain an advantage over the opposition during soccer games. I was able to beat them to the ball but also get away from them a lot easier.”

Benefits to the running & speed clinic:

  • Learn running mechanics
  • Develop speed & explosiveness that can be applied to any sport
  • Reduce risk of injury by running more efficiently and effectively

*These trainings are set-up as a supplement to sport specific trainings. Therefore, can be done before or after practices.*

Ages 6-9

Ages 10-13

Ages 14+

Elite Positional Training Clinic

Lead by our elite coaches; who not only have the highest levels of coaching accreditation across the soccer world. But also professional playing and coaching experiences too. 

Train and excel in the areas you desire (Attackers, Midfielders, Defenders, Goalkeepers)

Benefits players in the detail they might not get from regular training sessions such as:

  • More personalized focus/Player specific goals
  • More repetitions
  • Detailed Coaching
  • Positional movement, passing, shooting, crossing technique, ball control, movement off the ball, and more!

“Players in these type of settings learn a lot from their coaches but more from the players they are with when in their small groups.”

Street Soccer

What is Street Soccer?

Street Soccer is precisely an informal pickup game where players state the specific rules of the activity, select their teammates, and resolve disputes. Street Soccer is not necessarily typically defined by the specific requirement of a formal game of soccer, like a coach, massive field, corner flags, or match officials.

Why play street soccer?

Street soccer provides a social environment where soccer players can grow in leadership skills, reward risk-taking, and develop self-confidence.

Who can play?

Anyone can sign up and play, we highly encourage San Carlos United players to take advantage of the clinic but all players AYSO and other are more than welcome.

When is it?

Highlands Park, south Annex, Friday’s (age group dependent)

Coaching Staff?

Professional coaches will be present to settle a player dispute and provide a safe environment.


We are charging $10 per player for 1 hour of street soccer. Players can buy as many tickets as they wish.

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