Weekly passes, half day weekly passes, day passes and half day passes are available for all of our camps. We want to ensure that all players have the opportunity to attend and grow their skills with us. Once you enter the sign up page you will be able to select these ticketing options.

September 2nd 2020

October 14th 2020

11th November 2020

25th – 27th November 2020

November 30th 2020February 8th 2021

Street Soccer

Why play street soccer?

Street soccer provides a social environment where soccer players can grow in leadership skills, reward risk-taking, and develop self-confidence.

What is street soccer?

Street Soccer is precisely an informal pickup game where players state the specific rules of the activity, select their teammates, and resolve disputes. Street Soccer is not necessarily typically defined by the specific requirement of a formal game of soccer, like a coach, massive field, corner flags, or match officials.

Who can play?

Anyone can sign up and play, we highly encourage San Carlos United players to take advantage of the clinic but all players AYSO and other are more than welcome.

When is street soccer?

Highlands Park, south Annex, Friday’s (age group dependent)

Coaching staff?

Professional coaches will be present to settle a player dispute and provide a safe environment.


We are charging $10 per player for 1 hour of street soccer. Players can buy as many tickets as they wish.

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