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United Soccer Coaching

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SCU Clinics

Veterans Day Clinics November 12th

Thanksgiving Clinics November 19th - November 21st

Christmas Break Clinics December 26th - December 28th

Spring Break Clinics
April 9th - 13th

Memorial Day Clinics
May 28th

Summer Clinics July 30th August 3rd
  • Goalkeeper Clinic
  • Shooting Clinic

Labor Day Holiday Clinics
September 3rd
Local Holiday Clinics
October 8th

Goalkeeping Clinic

Shooting Clinic

USC shooting Clinic provides ambitious youth players who strive to improve their shooting technique which is broken down in several levels to help each player understand the fundamentals and aspects of shooting with a set curriculum.  Each based exercise is a step to the process of finding the correct shooting technique for each player.

Fundamentals of Shooting:
  • Get a good first touch that's out of your feet so you can take a shot right away.
  • Keep your knee and head over the ball.
  • Planting foot at correct distance next to the ball.
  • Land on your shooting foot when shooting with power (follow through).
  • Strike the center of the ball and strike through the ball.
  • Keep your toes pointed down and your ankle locked.
  • Decide whether you want to strike with power or place the ball into the corner.
  • Keep your hips square to your target or where you want to shoot the ball.
  • Take a look before you get the ball, know where the goal and the keeper are.
  • Keep your head down and over the ball when you take a shot.
  • Think about forcing the keeper to make a save - don't blast the ball as hard as you can.
  • Bend your knees and have a strong center of gravity - good balance.
  • Adjust to the ball by moving your feet so they are underneath you.

Areas of Focus:
  • Coordination and psycho-motor to improve shooting techniques.
  • Ensuring proper shooting technique (Driven, placement, curling, chipping, etc)
  • Power and Precision
  • 1v1 Technical to goal
  • One Touch Finishing
  • Vision and Awareness
Goalkeeping Training:
“A striker can miss multiple times and score once and become a hero, while a goalkeeper can make multiple saves and make one mistake and become a villain”

Our hope is to give our keepers the needed resources to be successful as a goalkeeper. For this reason we will be running a once a week goalkeeping clinic for all competitive goalkeepers.

Heather Elementary School
Every Friday: 3:30-6:30pm
                  U8-U10= 3:30-4:30
                  U11-U14= 4:30-5:30
                  U15+= 5:30-6:30

The Curriculum:

Areas of concentration for keeper coaching:
1. The four basic handling positions
2. Basic positioning concepts
3. Basic and safe distribution (kicks and throws) to teammates for possession and to begin the attack
4. Balance/Coordination exercises (overall as well, not solely goalkeeper-specific exercises) with or without the ball.
Areas of concentration for keeper coaching will be working on the basic areas for their age level:
1. Shot handling and diving to save
2. Handling the breakaway situation.
3. Understand their role as a back pass option to maintain possession or relieve pressure
4. Ability to communicate and organize their defensive players
5. Speed/ Power/ Footwork/ Core Strength

Areas of concentration for keeper coaching will be working in more advanced areas of the game
1. Advanced shot stopping – including collapse and extension dive saves
2. Commanding the penalty area and beyond (supporting the back defenders)
3. Organization of the defense
4. Handling flank attacks from the end line to the touchline
5. A high level of sophistication in positioning

6. Plyometrics/ Goalkeeper Fitness/ Power programs (explosiveness) / core strength

Wednesday Clinic

  • We are excited to announce to all of you that SCU will be offering a weekly clinic for players ages U12+. This clinic will run every Wednesday from 5-5:50 pm and will be starting March 21-June 6 and will be split into two blocks (a 5 week block and a 7 week block). The following are the details for the clinic:

  • Program Outline:
    • Clinic Session will focus on individual player decision making on and off the ball. Players will be challenged on their technical abilities like
      • Ball control
      • Passing with receiving
      • 1 on 1 Attacking / Defensive play.

  • Registering:
    • First Block will be from March 21-April 18 and will cost $100. 
    • The second block will be from April 25-June 6 and will cost $125. The link to register will be sent out to all of you